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Daily staff transport

Some Companies arrange to have their staff driven to and from work by a private transportation service or individual. For safety reasons, Taxi Club will deliever a worker at their door If you are arranging private transportation for your company, we will   sign a contract  form. You can get it from work  or on the Taxi Club staff  bus to your work

      Image result for 2007 white Toyota Quantum
  Cell Number
   :+27 (0)73557673914
sitter Toyota Quantum
R12 per km FNB
Image result for white 2014 toyota innova
 Cell Number:
:+27 (0)83 4176757 7
sitter Toyota Innova 
R13 per km more info

 Cell Number
   +27 (0)735576739 22
sitter Mercedes Bus
R20 per km FNB
Cell Number:
:+27 (0)82 2901889 8
sitter hYUNDAI h1  
R12per km Milpark

Image result for silver 2013 mercedes viano
Cell Number:
:+27 (0)820883479 8
sitter Mercedes Viano   
R12 per km The Glenn

Cell Number:
:+27 (0)73 2297410 7
sitter Toyota Avanza   
R12 per Bedfordview
Cell Number:
:+27 (0)73 5576739 7
sitter Mercedes Viano  
R12 per km Sandton

Image result for silver grey toyota corolla 2012
Cell Number:
+27 (0)84 86994514
seater Toyota Corolla
  12 per km Bedfordview

Cell Number:
:+27 (0)78 2182200 7
sitter VW Sharan 
R10 per km Bryanston
Cell Number:
:+27 (0)78 2182200 4
sitter Toyota Yaris  
R10 per km Bryanston
Cell Number:
:+27 (0)829973470 7
sitter VW Sharan   

Cell Number:
:+27 (0)76 4464810 4
sitter Toyota Corolla   
R12 per km more info
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