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Rates are per person o per vehicle?

Fares are calculated per vehicle and not per person.

How do I book a taxi or chauffeur service?

You can book a taxi online using our booking form or by phone. When you book online, you browse the “Taxis in South Africa” page and choose the vehicle you want. Each vehicle profile has details such as features, color, pictures, rate you charge per km, etc. After selecting the vehicle you must complete the booking form and send it to us. Upon receipt of the booking form we will confirm availability with the driver you have chosen and then confirm the booking with you by e-mail or SMS.

If you book by phone you need to provide us with the trip details and we will assign any available taxi.

How do I pay for the booking?

The Taxi Club works on a pre-paid basis, customers can pay for the rides via EFT or Credit Card.

Note that Taxi Club does not retain any credit card numbers.

Is my information secure?

Yes, because keeping your personal and credit card information secure and confidential is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Any information exchanged between your computer and our server during the reservation process is encrypted.

Who is responsible for my travel?

The taxi provider you choose will be solely responsible for your travel. Taxi Club is a booking platform, not a transport provider. We DO NOT own or operate any vehicles 

Can I request any additional requirements for the trip when booking?

Yes, on each taxi profile published on the Taxi Club website, we display information regarding any special requirements you might request with your booking e.g. additional stop, waiting time, after hour surcharge special features like trailer, etc.  So when you calculate your trip fare and complete the booking form you must also include these additional charges.


What happen if the ride is cancelled by the driver?

If the driver cancels the trip we will make an alternative arrangement. If this is not possible we will refund you the full trip payment.

What happen if I cancel the ride?

If you paid directly via EFT or Credit Card and cancel the trip within 24 hours, we don’t charge any cancellation fee and we refund you the entire trip payment.

If you cancel the trip less than 24 hours before the trip, a 50% cancellation fee will apply. 

No show Issues

What happens if I am late or do not show at the pickup point?

For Taxi Club bookings, the driver must wait for the passengers for up to 15 minutes free of charge at the pickup point but within these 15 minutes the driver must notify taxi club call center about the customer delay. After 15 minutes, is at the taxi operator discretion if he will still take you, charging you directly for additional waiting time, with any related payment to be negotiated directly with the driver.   If they decide not to take you after 15 minutes following the booked pickup time, we will treat this situation like a Cancellation made less than 24 hours whereby you will not be entitled to any refund.

What happens if the driver is late for a pickup or does not show?

Hopefully this should never happen but if the driver is more than 15 minutes late, then you are entitled to a full refund of the original payment if you are not willing to take that trip anymore. Any claim for additional compensation due to you is between you and the taxi Operator. However, if the Driver does turn up and you still depart in the operator's Car - even if beyond the initial 15 minutes - you are entitled to a 10% compensation refund.

Please note that as you will have the Taxi Club call center number, you are required to phone us first and inform us about the taxi delay within these15 minutes waiting period.  Secondly as you will have the cab phone number, we expect you also to communicate with the driver.

We will monitor these late show incidents by the taxi operator - if they frequently occur, then we may at our discretion remove them from future searches, as we only want to work with operators who can deliver an acceptable customer experience.

Special Circumstances
What happens if I want to cancel a booking directly with the driver, or want to reschedule it?

In order to cancel a booking you need to contact us, The Taxi Club. Otherwise the cancellation and any entitlement to refunds will not be processed. Also, if you want to reschedule the trip, you must cancel the original booking and book another trip that will be subject to the prices and availability at that time.

What if, during the trip, I want to make some changes?

The booking and its payment strictly relate to the details provided on the booking form or by phone to one of our agents.  If during the trip you need to make some alterations such as additional stops or request the driver to  collect you  early or later than the agreed collection time you will need to discuss this directly with the taxi driver as it is at their discretion to accept this or not, including charging you directly for any additional service.

What happens if I dispute payment, or the quality of service offered?

Any disputes are to be managed directly between you and the taxi operator (just like it is with customers and airlines, even if booked via a travel website). At our discretion, we may withhold payment to the taxi operator until the dispute has been satisfactorily resolved.

After the ride

What happens after the ride?

We aim to improve our services to both you and the customer therefore we will ask you to rate your service. This will be on a scale of 1-5 where 1 being not good and 5 meaning excellent service.

What is this rating based on?

We will ask you to rate the general impression of the overall service he received  based on things like arriving on time, politeness, driving, cleanliness of the car etc.

What do you do with this rating information?

Your average rating will be shown on the taxi profile.


How can I give feedback to Taxi Club?
We always welcome any feedback on any aspect of our service, positive or negative (but hopefully more of the former!). Simply go the Contact us page and fill in the form.

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